Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

The Terms and conditions that apply to SearchGlobData.com are between you and us. Therefore, the users of this website have to follow all of them without any compromise. Before you get into using the services or tools, make sure to read out every information that we will discuss over here.

If you are not liable or agree upon the terms and conditions of SearchGlobData.com you will be terminated to use any of the services in the future.

Things you need to avoid:

While getting into Search Glob Data you should take care of the list of essential things such as:

  • If you were found doing Illegal or unlawful activities over the platform, you would be kicked out from the website along with IP blocking. So, you can’t use the website at all.
  • You are not allowed to damage or cause any issues with the intellectual property. If we find such activities, you have to face legal actions.

Things you need to do:

While using SearchGlobData there are a few essential things that you need to care about, and we will appreciate that.

Always properly use the website and don’t apply inappropriate techniques to it. You have the option to use plenty of amazing features that are not possibly available on other platforms. Therefore, you need to respect that and show your positive concerns towards the platform.

The services available on the SearchGlobData shouldn’t use or reproduce on other platforms for commercial purposes. Everything available here is our own; therefore, we want you never to do anything wrong with that.

Pricing Rules:

We have no specific Premium Services; however, we may come up with some of the paid services in the future. Therefore, the prices of those services will fluctuate with time. Hence, you need to know that getting those premium services at the older rates will change in the future depending upon the needs and demands.


After entering our website, you will have to get to some of the agreements that we have made for the users. You have to follow those agreements and then use the platform. In the future, you need to follow that agreement with the same intentions you are following from the start. Therefore, we don’t compromise on that at all.



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