Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy:

At we always prioritize keeping your trust on our website for whatever services you use here. Regarding Transparency, we have tried hard to use advanced data and technology to ensure our reputation on the tap. We have devoted our time to bringing efficiency and integrity to it. Also, it’s our continuous efforts to keep the momentum and provide you with everything relevant to that for the rest of the life. However, you need to know what data we collect and how it is regulated over the website.


We take cookie information from our users whenever they appear on our website for the first time. In general, these cookies are used by the Ads providers active on our platform. The cookies help them show you the relevant ads you are searching about over the internet. Nothing else is beneficiated from the cookies data.

Personal Information:

We have nothing to do with your personal information that must be put on the website for usage purposes. Neither we nor any of our employees have access to those details and use Them for any specific reasons. Therefore, you should not worry about anything related to that. All personal details get from the website are used to better the platform, and you wouldn’t have to face any bad experience at all.

Tools and Services:

Every tool or service you see on is operated and owned by us. The licensing and other essential things that matter in holding the service or Tool globally are under our supervision and ownership. None of the third parties has direct access to our tools or services details.


Everything that you search over this platform is anonymous; no third party or person would access your activities over this platform. We have used advanced technologies and developers to help make it as secure and reliable as possible for you. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything based on security.

How We Collect Data:

All of the information you see over this platform is taken from different social media platforms. You would see your details as well, which is quite normal. Also, we want to let you know that everything we have saved in the databases is not shared or sold to any third person for negative usage. Therefore, anyone who has to see the data on this platform should visit the website and use the service. No one will get an extra edge to get the crucial details.


D-Dos Attacks, Hacking, and other types of unethical activities cannot happen on this platform. We have invested thousands of dollars in ensuring that no third party can come over to the website to scrap the entire data for a negative purpose. Several websites' data were hacked and then sold on the dark web in the past. However, this platform has already structured its security system so that you wouldn’t have to face any security issues at all.


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