Check Online Bulgarian Citizen NIC and Phone Number Details Free

Are you a Bulgarian Citizen and looking for another Bulgaria citizen's details on the internet, or are you a foreigner who wants to get someone’s details that belong to Bulgaria? If so, then you have come to the right place.

In the past, it wouldn’t be possible for any person to get the whole data of any specific person on the internet.

However, everything has changed now after Search Glob Data. Yes, we have created the platform with a mindset of providing easiness to the person living in different parts of the world, and they want to get someone’s data from their home or offices. We are the only ones who are providing such types of services right now.

After reading numerous queries on the discussion boards and forums, we decided to create this platform where anyone can easily get the details without any hurdles. We have introduced a whole section of features for users to get to know about anything in segments easily. So, let’s discuss that in the below sections.


What is the List of Features?

Name: First of all, the name section of this platform will be helpful for you related to verifying the entire data that we will provide in the below sections. As you search for a person, you will know about their name.

Therefore, this section of Search Glob Data will ensure that the person you are looking for is relevant, and you would consider the rest of the details as meaningful.



The second section is the mobile number that will tell you about the Bulgarian Citizen or company mobile number details.

Based on whatever is registered to the name, you will get the same mobile number over here. So, you can use the mobile number depending upon your preferences.



The Email section will tell you about the email address of a Bulgarian Citizen or company. You can use it for marketing or business purpose.

However, you are still not bound about its usage and can opt for whatever better possibilities of usage.



 The Telephone number details of the section will help you get the details of any Bulgarian citizen or company. For direct contact, you can use the details for desired preferences.



 The DOB section will get you the date of birth details of the Bulgarian Citizen.



The Address section will get you the exact address details of a Bulgarian citizen or company. You can use those details for whatever looks good to you based on your preferences.

The address section can be beneficial to meet someone at their location on your first visit to the country. But, it would help if you did not bind yourself with it.


National Identity Card number (NIC): 

The 10-Digit Unique number assigned to each Bulgarian Citizen is the National identity card number. It’s used to make sure about the person's identity as a Bulgarian citizen.

Therefore, you can get these details over this section and use them for whatever possibility suits you.


What Details Should you Enter?

The details you have read might fascinate you in various terms. However, you might be wondering about how you can get these details. In other words, you might be wondering about the search terms or data that needs to be put on the search bar. Well, we are providing you the data after you enter four different search terms like Mobile number, address, user name, or email address.

If you enter any of the above search queries, you can easily get the entire relevant data in the list of features. Let's suppose one of the search queries is not working; you can add the other search query to acquire the details on the screen.

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